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What is a Vacuum & Pressure Booster System ?

Design and construction of mechanical vacuum booster involves two counter rotating impellers with a special contour. These rotate with a sharp and a finite clearance in between them without any physical contact. Complete mechanical vacuum booster system is designed with vacuum booster at the core and connected with other equipments like primary pump, condensers, filters, valves, drives and instrumentation to function in desired mode. Integration of system is done by utilizing two stage liquid ring pump / oil sealed vacuum pump / rotary dry vacuum pump / reciprocating pump / steam or water jet ejectors as primary pump.

Common applications of mechanical vacuum booster includes vacuum drying applications, vacuum distillation processes, solvent recovery, vacuum flash cooling, vacuum heat treatment, de-gassing, coating, refining of industrial oil, vacuum impregnation, semi conductor processing, separation of fluids, space simulation, vacuum freeze drying.

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